The best beer deals in town

Everyone should know by now that when I mention beer, I’m almost always talking craft beer and/or microbrew. This weekend we had family in town and spent a good portion of it introducing them to the various breweries here, some of which they knew, some they didn’t.

So I can say that the best beer deals are to be found at Silver Moon and JC’s (Wildfire): Monday night at Silver Moon is Locals Night where the pints are $2.50 (and the pool and foosball is always free), and Monday through Friday at JC’s, happy hour is from 3 to 6pm and all Wildfire brews are $2. Yes, only two dollars, you read that right. I think that’s the best beer deal anywhere in town for micros.

One thought on “The best beer deals in town

  1. Ah yes, micro beer. When my wife and I moved here over 3 years ago from Tucson, Arizona, one of the prerequisites were that the place we moved to had to have great micro beers. Not only do we have great micro brews but, we have great scenery, great food and a great small town mentality. You got to love it!!!

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