For sale: premium downtown commercial space, $1

Yes, according to this article in today’s Bulletin, The Paper Place downtown—between Cork and U.S. Bank—is for sale for only one dollar.

The gimmick, of course, is that the "inventory" is for sale for $65,000 to $70,000.

Schiefelbine said she’s leaving in late October for California, regardless. If no one purchases the business by the end of September, Schiefelbine said she will hold a “huge blowout sale” throughout October to sell off as much inventory as possible. She’ll also have to break her lease, but Schiefelbine said she has her landlord’s approval.

But closing the business is not her preference. She said The Paper Place has been a fixture downtown for 24 years, albeit with different owners, and she would hate to see it go.

“One dollar — that’s how bad I want it to stay open,” Schiefelbine said. “Downtown is so quaint, I would hate for it to lose a local, family-run store. I’d rather someone keep the store open for Bend.”

I agree with that last line—it’s the type of store downtown does need, so I hope someone buys it.

On the other hand, what if I don’t care about the inventory? Can I just buy the space for the buck?

3 thoughts on “For sale: premium downtown commercial space, $1

  1. From my read, it’s _the business_ that’s for sale for $1, not the real estate. The article refers to a lease that runs until 2010, so I imagine that the buyer of the business would be assuming that lease, or renegotiating with the landlord.

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