Redmond’s new slogan

Just over a year ago I posted about how Redmond was looking for a new slogan to re-invent its brand identity, "in four words or less." I thought it was slightly ridiculous, though they were awarding a $500 cash prize to whomever submitted the winning tagline.

Well, they’ve selected and revealed their new slogan:

"Who Knew!"

I’m not kidding. You can visit the Redmond Downtown Partnership right now and read their press release:

The new tagline epitomizes the surprise reaction people exhibit when they learn about Redmond Downtown, according to city officials and the Redmond Downtown Partnership (RDP). As part of Friday’s Walk the Art Beat celebration, The RDP announced the new Who Knew! branding campaign and, for the first time, publicly revealed the new logo….

The Who Knew! branding campaign begins this year and is expected to last through at least the next two years. It will capitalize on Redmond Downtown as an up-and-coming top destination in Central Oregon. Kick-started by the new logo and tagline, the brand effort will augment the City, Chamber and other key local entities in attracting more tourists and business to Redmond. The plan includes more community events, opportunities for businesses to co-op group advertising, regional public relations, and marketing that highlights specific district businesses.

I’m not sure what to think, though my initials reactions aren’t very positive. "Who Knew!" actually sounds like something snarky I might have come up with.

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