Review of Three Creeks Brewing

We visited the new Three Creeks Brewing Company over in Sisters on Saturday, and I wrote up a long-ish review (with photos) over on my beer blog here. The verdict: good food, decent beer.

Overall, we all agreed the beer is decent and drinkable, and I think they’re doing some interesting enough things (like the IBA and the Rye) to keep them noticed and fresh.

Beers are $4 per pint, and growlers and apparently bottles are available to go as well.

… The food, though, was good all around. Paul kept raving about his "Chicken-bacon-tater" meal, which was essentially all those ingredients in a flatbread taco thing smothered (I think) in cheese and stuff. Decadent, you know. I ordered fish and chips, which is pretty standard for me whenever I first visit a brewpub—I figure it’s a good measure of the place—and it was a solid plate.