This post is more an illustration of some of the sometimes odd processes of blogging and of the random connections made in a small town, than anything overly serious. Though there’s a free event involved.

So yesterday I received a message on my MySpace account that I presume is targeted to other Bendites; it feels like that sort of pitch. It’s interesting enough, I suppose. Here’s an excerpt:

We wanted write you a quick message to say hello and introduce ourselves. We are Better Body Boot Camp, Central Oregon’s FIRST coed boot camp fitness class!

Are you ready to get in shape or improve your current fitness level? Better Body Boot Camp is here to help you with whatever fitness goals you may have!! Please join Certified Personal Trainer, Victoria Adelus and Military Special Forces Certified Trainer, Josh Field, for a FREE BBB camp event Saturday October 11th, at 9am in Drake Park near the stage area.

Okay, pretty straightforward, and sounds like it would be appealing if I were into hardcore exercise. Plus there’s a free event and all that, which people might want to know about.

But what caught my eye was the name of one of the trainers: Victoria Adelus (Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine), who (after racking my brain for a minute to remember where I’d seen the name/face) also moonlights as a reporter for NewsChannel 21 (her page is here).

That seems like a totally random connection. I guess the question is, would knowing she’s on local TV make people more likely to check out her fitness class?

(Told you it wasn’t overly serious.)

2 thoughts on “Connections

  1. You know, I hate the myspace spam.

    Just because I am friends with a restaurant/person/bar does not mean that I want to know that a band wants me as their friend because the message says they are playing their Friday night. Makes me want to de-friend that restaurant/bar.

    My pet peeve/observation

  2. Don’t know what the hang-up is with people around here hailing the news casters like they are something extra special. Lisps, bad hair, horrible weather predictions… dorks people… DORKS! Sorry had to vent that one…

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