Closings and things

A couple of observations about the downturned economy on the eastside, in the form of more closings…

Linens ‘N Things has a big banner on their store, "Going out of business sale." Not entirely news, since they’re bankrupt, but I noticed the sign for the first time the other day. That’s a big space to fill in the Forum center.

Also, Demetri’s Greek Cusina has been closed down—the location they were in (near the Windy Knolls complex) is closed and emptied. Interestingly, word has it that they’re looking at opening in a vacant space in the Shell station on the corner there. (Yes, the Shell gas station/minimart.)

Oh, I don’t believe I blogged this at the time, but a while back the Fantastic Sam’s haircut salon closed down completely, too; they were located in the "Borden’s Corner" area next to Double Happiness (which is still going strong). Closed down with nothing more than a sign on the door, no word or anything that I saw.

2 thoughts on “Closings and things

  1. And fantastic sams wasn’t open long, really. I think that somebody just didn’t have the initial capital to get/keep that place going (and with all the coupons they sent out, it’s hard to pay the bills with $9 hair cuts).

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