What about a Toys R Us?

Perhaps this isn’t as pressing an issue now with the economy on the downswing, but we’ve wondered for a while now why Bend doesn’t have a Toys "R" Us. It seems like we have most other major stores—even Trader Joe’s—so why not a Toys "R" Us?

Well, we were visiting that very store in Portland this weekend and asked. (We always ask when we go there.) The answer? Toys "R" Us did plan a Bend store—they even own property here. But they decided to hold off on building because of…

The City of Bend’s sign code.

Since they apparently couldn’t get the sign they wanted, TRU so far hasn’t elected to build in Bend.

The caveat, of course, is that it’s hearsay—even from a TRU manager—so take it as such. I did a cursory search in DIAL for a Toys "R" Us entity but didn’t turn anything up—though of course it’s likely lodged under some corporate name, if so.

Interesting if true, though.

5 thoughts on “What about a Toys R Us?

  1. Petition the City of Bend?!

    We went out of our way to get a birthday present. They would be so successful if they were here.

  2. Even McDonald’s manages just fine with Bend’s sign code. If that’s true, it can’t be the whole truth.

    You really like Toys R Us? I only went once (in California) and thought it was full of cheap plastic crap. That was 6 years ago, though, so maybe their inventory has improved.

  3. Jennifer – you’re right – it is full of cheap plastic crap…the same kind you can find at Target and the like. So I say hooray for small town toy stores – and online shopping, of course!

  4. I feel like I’m always going from one end of town to the other to try to find what I want/need for the kids (not to mention b-day presents) and the selection is very good at TRU, not like the limited selection in other stores around here.

    An example…a co-worker was looking for a specific toy for her cousin’s birthday present. She went to Target, not there; found it at Walmart. Why go to more than one place to find what could/should be in a store if it’s online/in a specific line (such as Star Wars, Transformers, HSM, Hannah Montana, etc)? TRU selection seems to be bigger of all the toys, maybe it’s just because it’s in PDX and not the selection here at some stores in Bend.

    As far as the sturdiness of the toys, blame the manufacturer, not necessarily the store where you’re purchasing, in my opinion. Toys are toys, no matter from Target, Shopko, Walmart, Fred Meyer. It’s the selection of what gets to me, but then again, what do I expect, I do live in Bend.

  5. I have never been impressed with TRU either. The selection isn’t really any better than any other "big box" store and their customer service is HORRIBLE. The shopping experience is 100% the store’s responsibility. It’s also our responsibility as consumers to insist on higher quality goods by NOT buying the cheap plastic crap. Why would the stores offer more if we continue to vote with our dollars for the crap?

    Yes, we still buy at Target and the like and we probably won’t stop. But we’re figuring out more ways to spend our money locally, without necessarily spending MORE. Trips to the Pottery Lounge, Bouncing Off the Wall, InClimb, and CAT 6 are some of their most memorable and favorite "gift" trips. We sent mugs from a local artist for Christmas gifts last year (www.mugrevolution.com) and will do something similar this year. It’s something memorable and different – and doesn’t really cost extra!

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