Happy Halloween! Haunted Bend redux

Happy Halloween everyone! Just for the heck of it I thought I’d re-run my Haunted Bend post from  a couple of years ago, with some additions. Enjoy the holiday and stay safe tonight.

A list of places that are allegedly haunted here in Bend (most of these are pulled from the Shadowlands Haunted Place Index for Oregon):

  • The Deschutes County Historical Society building (the old Reid School): Supposedly the ghost of George Brosterhous, who died there in 1914, haunts the place.
  • The McCann House: The subject of the only ghost story for Bend found in Ghosts and Strange Critters of Washington and Oregon. According to the Shadowlands site, "there have been a few families that have lived there that have either died or something tragic has happened to them due to living in the cursed house." I don’t know about cursed; the book simply mentions that sometimes figures are seen in the upper story windows, and gives a short history of it. Listed as the "Congress House" on the Shadowlands site because the house itself is on Congress Avenue.
  • The O’Kane Building: There’s "ghostly smoke, weird lights, footsteps, and voices," and occasionally a voice that calls out orders in the restaurant.
  • Old Mt. View Hospital: I’m not sure where this is, the site says it’s now an apartment building next to Drake Park. Floor creaks have been reporting, like someone’s walking around.
  • The Old Smoke Stacks (Old Mill District): Teenagers would sneak in there at night to see if the place was haunted.
  • The Pilot Butte Cemetery: Reports of ghostly blue orbs floating around.
  • The Lara House Bed and Breakfast: Located on Congress Avenue, like the Congress House.
  • The Downing Hotel building (current site of The Grove): Historically this was a brothel. Haunted by a woman?

A few more pulled from the comments on that post:

  • McMenamins Old St. Francis School: many McMenamins are rumored to be haunted, due to their historic nature. No specific details for ours, though.
  • An anonymous commenter said: "I went to The Sparrow Bakery on Scott Street the other day and the new owners told me a ghost lives in the "dish room," which is actually a large, walk-in vault. The building was the old payroll office for Bend Iron Works."
  • June Ascencio said: "I had live in a haunted house on NW Ithaca years ago there use to be a smell of burnt wax when no one was home and things moving around the house and also when no one was home one day I was coming up to the house and it looked like someone was moving in the house and there was no one there."

And finally, here’s a site that lets people submit their own haunted Bend stories: Bend, Oregon Ghost Sightings. I won’t vouch for how accurate it is, but it’s fun reading for a Halloween night.