The new face of the Bend City Council

Last night’s local elections for City Council seats were pretty tight (all except Position 4—Jim Clinton owned that one), and resulted in some surprises. Here are the results of the four seats that were up for grabs:

Position 1:

Peter Gramlich 13,684 (49.53%)
Tom Greene 13,831 (50.06%)
WRITE-IN 114 (0.41%)

I expected Peter Gramlich to hold on to this one.

Position 2:

Jeff Eager 12,476 (44.95%)
Jodie Barram 11,351 (40.9%)
Dallas Brown 3,819 (13.76%)
WRITE-IN 109 (0.39%)

This one was tight… at one point, Jeff Eager and Jodie Barram were separated by only two votes. (This was the seat vacated by Chris Telfer).

Position 3:

Kathie Eckman 15,471 (55.35%)
Linda Johnson 12,327 (44.11%)
WRITE-IN 151 (0.54%)

Position 4:

Don Leonard 8,686 (33.28%)
Jim Clinton 17,200 (65.9%)
WRITE-IN 213 (0.82%)

I am a little curious as to what the various write-in’s were…

So, here’s what our new City Council looks like:

  • Bruce Abernethy (Mayor)
  • Mark Capell
  • Bill Friedman
  • Jim Clinton
  • Tom Greene
  • Jeff Eager
  • Kathie Eckman

So where am I going with this? I’ve had the idea for awhile to do some in-depth posts about the members of our local governing body, and this seems like an awfully good starting point. More to come over the next several weeks.

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  1. Interesting; I was relaying what the election results indicated, so the "positions" above were those, not intended to be whatever the official designations are.

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