Celina’s, closed; Village Grill, different

A couple of restaurant items of interest in the Bulletin today. First, Celina’s Latin Bistro, on the east side of town (the northeast corner of 27th and Highway 20) is closed; business just wasn’t busy enough. I was driving by there earlier this week (after work) and thought it looked awfully dark inside.

Next, the (former) Village Grill (in the spot that was the Grove) is no longer the Village Grill; now it’s a nightclub named Seven. Will it be any more successful? I don’t know; it seems like one of those locations which seems like a revolving door—the restaurant doesn’t do well/last long but people keep coming along and buying it out and changing it up. (More on that in a future post.)

One thought on “Celina’s, closed; Village Grill, different

  1. Maybe the eleven grand a month in rent has a lot to do with the revolving door. Add in utilities, labor and product cost yikes!!! I hope they sell a lot of cocktails!

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