On the seventh day of Christmas…

It’s Christmas lights season for sure! The Bulletin today published their annual guide to the best regional light displays, and it’s certainly more extensive than in past years.

Of course now I need to re-run Christmas lights pictures from this post back in 2006.

Bend Christmas lights

Bend Christmas lights

We went out this evening to look at lights for a little bit, and I’m bummed to report that the house in the second picture there—on Harmon Boulevard on the north side of Mirror Pond—is no longer decorated. It wasn’t last year, either. This was my favorite display in town, so it feels like the end of an era.

2 thoughts on “On the seventh day of Christmas…

  1. The family that lived on Harmon moved to NW Awbrey & Wilmington, and are currently in a light battle with my folks. 🙂

    She used to do the coolest decorations for every holiday, even Valentine’s Day!

  2. Thank you Jon for remembering me and my decorations. I was at my house on Harmon today when the mail man told me about your web site. If anyone is interested, my house is for rent.

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