Boston’s Gourmet Pizza

Today for lunch we decided to try the new Boston’s Gourmet Pizza on the south end of town. You know, the new restaurant that opened up next to the Factory Outlets, in the new shopping center anchored by Gottschalks. (Which is a different post altogether. Maybe.)

I wasn’t sure what to expect, because generally my expectations for restaurants on the south side of Bend are pretty low. But I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it.

Now, stop: if you’re one of those people that hates chain restaurants like Applebee’s, or Johnny Carino’s, or Red Robin, then this isn’t for you. Boston’s is totally a chain restaurant, and they’ve got the "Restaurant and Sports Bar" concept down for that demographic.

Personally, I don’t mind chain restaurants, if the food is good and they’re not horrendously expensive. Boston’s had good food and we got out of there relatively inexpensively, so all good on that front.

My wife and I split a two-person pizza, half with one of their chicken pizzas (I forget which) and half with their "Bacon Double Cheeseburger" pizza (I kid you not). Both halves were actually very good, but I liked the Cheeseburger pizza better. The kids meals were very good sized, too, and the kids really liked them.

Service was good overall, but I will note that our adult drinks (a beer and a margarita) were slow in arriving to our table. That’s only the real service mark I can give against them, because everything else was fine.

I don’t know how well they will do both in this economic climate and on the south end of Bend—like I said, expectations for southside restaurants are pretty low once you get past Zydeco on Third Street. But I can recommend them if you’re down that way, or just want to try a new place to eat.

8 thoughts on “Boston’s Gourmet Pizza

  1. i had the same slow drink experience and i don’t get slow drink service in this economy. get that drink out fast and i’ll bet you i’ll have another one, and another one. especially if you have that glossy playboy of cocktail menus on the table that makes you want to speed date everything on the margarita page. what is up with managers who aren’t literally running the drinks from the bar at warp speed?, it is your gravy in the restaurant world.

  2. What’s wrong with south Bend? Not snobby enough? seems like all the resteraunts on the "westside" are going under.

  3. Opps, I meant " restaurant" , they need a few more nice places, maybe a micro brew pub? I did enjoy Bostons and didn’t have to wait long for our drinks. Cheers

  4. I was prepared to be letdown by Boston’s but ended up loving it when I went there. I definitely plan on going back. Their pizza was great!

  5. Thank you to all posters. Its very nice to hear positive feed back from all of you. I truley enjoy my job and the place in general. Keep coming and we will continue to impress, and speed up the drink service!!!

  6. My wife and I recently tried Boston’s for the first time in the late afternoon. Happy hour food was great, good price, great service. $7.75 for a spanish coffee made me choke…repeatedly. Overall good experience, will go back!

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