Upcoming music

I’m on the mailing list for music events promoted by The Grove (formerly the restaurant downtown), and they sent along these upcoming gigs:

January 9: Portland’s NICO LUMINOUS … lead singer of the band Luminous Fog … MC … producer … musician … this dude is all things … known for super conscious positive rhymes and dub inflected beats … always a great stew of soulful stuff. We’ll be taking over the top floor of the OMMB [Old Mill Martini Bar] for the evening … bringing some warmth and some great music. Check out Nico at www.myspace.com/luminousmusik. For this date he’ll be DJing and dropping some of his own work as well as MCing it up. Barisone and Smoke support in soul stew mode. 9PM doors and this one’s GRATIS! Get down!

January 23: LA producer and Rootabreaka crew member POM (www.myspace.com/127250442) will be coming through and playing at the Bendistillery Martini Bar (downtown) … this dude is part of the Cyphertown posse that brings next level hip hop and dubstep from home base in San Francisco. Will be a slick evening of some bassy hotness and bleeding edge composition. 9PM and also FREE!

February 12: That 1 Guy at Silver Moon … super stoked about that! If you’re not in the know, check out www.that1guy.com. He’s a sight to behold. One man stand up robo-basscore folk. Wicked cooool. 🙂 Ani DiFranco’s label. That’s an 8PM show and a $6 ticket. He’s always turning out new stuff, come check it out!

February 18: The reschedule of the Jamie Janover / Lynx show … but with added bonus, HEYOKA from SF … super deep psy-dub producer … total master of the low end or as he calls it: psytellgibientglitchdubwhomphop 🙂 Check him out at: www.myspace.com/andreism I have his two EPs frequently on repeat for hours in the studio and I honestly never get sick of it. Check the tunes. Perhaps my favorite of the entire genre right now. And of course, Janover and Lynx … probably the coolest folk-tronic duo out there … master hammer dulcimer player and guitar-folk-hop female MC. Total homegrown Colorado hip hop folk.