Deschutes Market Overcrossing construction

The "Deschutes Market Overcrossing" is that overpass on Highway 97 north of Bend where Deschutes Market Road meets Highway 97. There’s going to be road construction starting there on January 12 (Monday), says the email that came through today:

The project will consist of extending the first phase of the Deschutes Market Overcrossing project that crossed over Highway 97 east to connect into Deschutes Market Road The project also includes building a structure over the railroad tracks.

The project also includes a temporary bypass road on Deschutes Market Road to divert vehicles from areas of construction. Drivers are urged to use caution when driving this portion of Deschutes Market Road.

Traffic may be impacted during construction and drivers may experience delays up to 20 minutes while traveling within the construction zone.

I don’t know if this will affect north-south traffic on Highway 97 itself. It may not, but be aware that if you’re on 97, keep a close eye out as you near the Deschutes Market junction.

Construction hours are from 7am until 7pm, and is expected to continue through October(!) 30.