Phone scam

Here’s a weird phone scam… I don’t know what the end goal is, but it’s a warning being issued by the County.

Deschutes County has become aware that a man from a company out of Los Angeles has been calling home owners and representing himself as being from the "Internal Control Department" for Deschutes County. He represents that they have been doing "census tracking" and that the person he is calling is subject to a "mandatory risk assessment" of the residence.

The County wants to assure the public that it does not have an Internal Control Department nor does Deschutes County conduct mandatory risk assessments of residences.

If a member of the public receives such a call and has concerns, they may contact the Oregon State Justice Department’s Financial Fraud/Consumer Protection office at, 1-877-877-9392, email:

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  1. Do you know ALL of the restaurants in Bend that have closed in the past few months?? Has Baltazars closed too?? Thanks.

    I cried over Merenda closing. My favorite hang-out.

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