Matthew Fox has property in Bend

The “Matthew Fox” I’m referring to in the title is the actor with the starring role on the TV show “Lost“. If you don’t know who that is, you can safely ignore this since it’s just a celebrity stalker post.

The only reason I (now) know that Fox owns property in Bend is because this story came through my Google News filter for “Central Oregon”, wherein it mentions he is building a house on said property, to be ready when “Lost” finishes up in 2010.

So, out of curiosity I looked him up on DIAL and sure enough, he owns property up in Broken Top. Here’s the record.

That’s all; I really have nothing more to add, other than on Google Maps the area the property is located in is looking pretty sparse.

7 thoughts on “Matthew Fox has property in Bend

  1. No way, someone twittered that he was at Thump and I was around the corner (at work). So close, yet so far

  2. He is everywhere and I want to be there!

    My husband has seen him at Decoy and my friend served him at Zydeco. When is it my turn???

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