Music: That 1 Guy at Silver Moon, 2/12

Silver Moon Brewing has been becoming the place to be for the local music scene in recent years. Coming up next month, "That 1 Guy".

Uniquely talented one-man band, That 1 Guy, debuts his new self-designed ‘Magic Pipe’ instrument with a 50+ date tour through Canada and the northern and eastern United States starting January 30.

That 1 Guy will be performing at Silver Moon Brewing Co. in Bend, OR on Thursday, February 12, 2009. Show begins at 8:30pm.

Apparently he’s just, er, one lone guy on stage with his own, uniquely-designed instrument: the Magic Pipe.

Eventually frustrated by the inability to get all the sounds in his head from the upright bass, he built a system of electronically wired, steel plumbing, shaped somewhat like a harp, with a thick bass string wired from top to bottom and a hole that billows smoke during the climax of his live shows. Adding an electric cowboy boot plugged in and played like an African talking drum and an electrified musical handsaw, Silverman evolved into That 1 Guy, playing everything with his hands and feet while incorporating such disparate influences as Dr. Seuss, Captain Beefheart, Frank Zappa, Rube Goldberg and Stanley Kubrick.

Sounds… weird.

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