Closing: Kebanu Gallery

Spotted in today’s Bulletin: Kebanu Gallery in downtown Bend is closing at the end of the month.

The downtown Bend gallery will close its doors Jan. 30, said Keith Null, owner of the gallery, located near the Franklin Crossing building on Bond Street.

Null said construction of Franklin Crossing deterred foot traffic for about 18 months, and then the economic downturn hit Central Oregon in force.

“Once construction was done (in early 2008), we started to recover, but the last three months were disastrous,” he said.

They just seem to keep coming, though the Bulletin article does mention three new galleries that opened or will be opening this year; maybe art galleries aren’t as susceptible as, say, restaurants.

At some point soon I’m going to go through and make a list of Bend businesses that have closed over the past year or two; Bend Restaurants ran an update the other day that made me think of it, and looking through the archives reveals quite a few when you put it all together. Maybe even start a "Closing Watch" category or something too.

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