Press Release: BMC expands anticoagulation services to the westside location

Starting February 18, Bend Memorial Clinic will be expanding anticoagulation services. The anticoagulation clinic will be available by appointment on Wednesdays at the BMC Westside Clinic located at 1080 SW Bachelor Drive in Bend. Patients can check-in at Internal Medicine located on the second floor.

Patients using anticoagulation medications or “blood thinners,” need constant monitoring of their blood levels as even small changes in medications, diet and exercise can dramatically affect anticoagulation therapy.

Bend Memorial Clinic’s full-service anticoagulation clinics in Bend, Redmond and Sisters make it easy for patients to monitor blood thinner levels. Open to everyone, these clinics offer patient education, close supervision of medications, finger-stick technology with instant results, as well as pre- and post-op care for those going to surgery or having invasive dental work that will interfere with medications.

BMC’s anticoagulation services gained national recognition for “Distinguished Patient Care in Anticoagulation Treatment” by Dupont, Inc.

For more information regarding anticoagulation services or to set up an appointment, please call 541-317-4323.