Young Professionals Network at the new Rivals Sports Bar

This is a press release, but what’s especially interesting is that Rivals Sports Bar is finally opening up. All I know about it is that it occupies the building on north Division (that No Man’s Land just south of the 97/Parkway interchange at the Mall) that formerly housed such restaurants as Pepe’s Mexican, a BBQ place, and (way back) the Italian Cottage. Every time I’ve driven by there over the past year (at least) there’s a big banner saying "Opening soon!" with the name "Rivals" on it.

So they’re finally opening… wonder how that’s going to work out in a) this economy and b) that location?

  • March Event: Wednesday, March 18 at Rivals Sports Bar, Grill, & Poker
    2650 NE Division St. from 5 to 7 p.m.
  • Exclusive YPN Sneak Peek – Be the First to Discover Bend’s Newest Hot Spot Before it Opens to the Public!

Bend, OR – The Bend Chamber Young Professionals Network (YPN) March event will be hosted by Rivals Sports Bar, Grill & Poker. When your living room just won’t do, when you can’t make your favorite game, when you want that away-game tailgate spot, RIVALS is the answer! This authentic sports bar atmosphere features flat screen TVs, a full bar, an enticing menu, and more.

This Young Professionals event will give you a sneak peek at one of Bend’s newest restaurants, the ability to meet professionals from all areas of business, and work on your networking skills.

Registration is available on-line at Prices for advance registration are $7 for members and $12 for non-members. At the door the prices change to $10 for members and $15 for non-members.

2 thoughts on “Young Professionals Network at the new Rivals Sports Bar

  1. I believe that location can be a huge success as a destination location done right . Although that has been a location for resteraunts to die I think that there were and still are way to many resteraunts for such a small population I mean seriously how many mexican resteraunts does one town need. Also all the research shows that sports bars are either maintaining or thriving in a slumping economy. I for one am sick of trying to find parking downtown and trying to avoid the parking nazi’s and there 22$ parking tickets just to enjoy a ducks game at a less than average "sports bar" downtown. So good luck to Rivals I hope is a huge success for all of bend to enjoy.

  2. I went to the young professionals event and was pleasantly suprised. It looks great and I am anxious for them to open and wish them all the best in this interesting business climate.

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