Crooked River Dinner Train re-opening

I blogged back at the end of last year about the Crooked River Dinner Train closing. Well, good news today as KTVZ and a tip from report that the Dinner Train is re-opening this month, under new ownership.

The dinner train will kick-off its season of weekly train operations through the Crooked River Valley in March.

Weekend departures will include the famous Jesse James train robbery, murder mystery performances, an enhanced menu, and more.

New for 2009 is the addition of Cougar Canyon BBQ, featuring the new owner of the dinner train and owner of Cougar Canyon Catering, Jimmy Brundage. Better known in Central Oregon as Jimmy B.

According to their website, it looks like the schedule resumes on March 21st.

7 thoughts on “Crooked River Dinner Train re-opening

  1. All aboard!! New management is on board. It’s up and running again. There will be a lot of changes. Can you say wine tasting trains! How about an improv train. Maybe just a ride without the show and dinner. Just drinks and conversation with your friends and family while the scenery rolls by. Give it a shot. The website will be updated soon!!

  2. What’s wrong with the way it was for the last 10 or so years it rocked then! Why try to reinvent the wheel when it worked as well as it did and why try to fix what wasn’t broke? You’re going to lose it if you don’t keep the Jesse James Theme and market it right! This train should be full 4 days a week this time of year!

  3. It will still have the western flair and murder mysteries, just not all of the time. People are asking for more and different options. There is a management team that can provide that now, along with the western theme. People will be able to choose and be able to return within the same year and see a new show or event! It’s pretty exciting!

  4. Nothin was wrong with the way it was. It was just always the same thing, same show, same people. Got boring.

  5. So nothing was wrong with the same thing, except that it was the same old thing and it was boring and no one wanted to ride anymore!
    But other than that, it was SO successful that it went broke 3…no…make that 4 times…

    I say shake it up. Make it the kind of attraction Central Oregon can be proud of. I don’t care if it’s Western or not.

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