Cold Stone Creamery benefit for public school students

This came via email and it seems like a worthwhile event/fundraiser:

Eat Ice Cream & Support
A Free Program for Local Public School Students!

March 24th from 5:30 – 7:30 PM

Cold Stone in the Cascade Village Shopping Center is serving ice cream for two hours……20% of all purchases will go directly to Stop and Think along with any donations that come in during these two hours.

We have been teaching a non-judgmental critical thinking abstinence course in Middle and High schools since 2002. We have presentations scheduled into June; however, our funding has run dry. (Our services are FREE to each and every classroom.)

We are asking our community to dig deep and reach out to thousands of youth in our own communities. Your financial support will ensure that our youth will have the opportunity to engage in discussions about the pros and cons of sexual activity and sexual abstinence, the reality of sexual activity, what true freedom looks like, & how to remain in control of our own lives. Students also learn valuable life tools and refusal skills.

Our program has been successful for one main reason: We are honest, straight forward, and real. Please support this amazing program.

For more information feel free to contact Jennifer Heinze at or on her cell at 541 788 2697

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