The Brew Shop expansion, beers

Central Oregon only has one beer brewing supply shop that I’m aware of: The Brew Shop. If you homebrew, you get your stuff there, and for a long time it occupied a small space at 2538 NE Division, a small, industrial-type building, just big enough to have supplies in the front and a small brewing "kitchen" and storage in the back.

(In fact, Silver Moon Brewing got its start in that very space, on a 1-barrel brewing system, if I remember right.)

Well, good news to homebrewers: the Brew Shop has recently moved and expanded—however, "moved" is relative as it’s still at the same address: they simply moved into the larger building on the other side of the parking lot.

I was in there last weekend and was very impressed with the extra space, and most interestingly, the entire back wall is a big bank of refrigerators—the big "grocery store style" coolers fronted with glass doors. When I asked after them, they told me they had just received their OLCC liquor license and were planning on stocking them full of beer—becoming, in effect, a boutique beer shop as well as homebrew supply shop.

Their plan is to ramp up with some 300 varieties of beer, and ultimately expand to 900 or more. There will also eventually be some beer on tap and a small tasting room area.

The good news is, they already have beer for sale! (I have an email confirming it.) Bend’s beer scene just got even better.

Head down there this weekend and pick up some specialty beer, why dontcha?