Olive Garden

It’s official: the Bulletin reports that Olive Garden has filed for their building permit for Bend. They plan to be located next to Staples and Michaels on the north side of town, in the big empty lot just southeast of them.

Of course, this only means they’re still probably two years out from opening. And I can’t remember if Olive Garden is relatively inexpensive or not, but I’ll guess that they’ll be pretty popular regardless.

I’m sure Johnny Carino’s is thrilled.

10 thoughts on “Olive Garden

  1. Dang, another useless chain. I’d cut off my left nut to see a Powell’s bookstore come to town. The "book scene" here, save for Paulina Springs in Sisters, is horrendous.

  2. Every book you could ever want can be delivered to you in 2-3 days thanks to Amazon and the interent… I don’t see it happening.

    I like the OG… I dunno if I see them doing well though… maybe in 3-4 years but if they didn’t think they could make it here then I don’t see them coming. Hopefully they did their market research and demographic/competition prep work and aren’t just expanding here simply because it’s "ooohhhhh Bend is a fun resort town". If so, then it gives some hope for the local economy knowing that chains still have the balls to expand here in this economy.

    Anyone one else surprised how well Boston’s appears to be doing? Personally I was impressed the day that I went there. Good pizza. Chains aren’t all bad, and those places employee a lot of people… stop hating… meh

  3. Only food snobs put the hate on Olive Garden. Don’t be a food snob! The wife and I happen to love them.

    Besides, they are bringing 30 or more jobs here and you guys are complaining? Be thankful for another choice.

    In fact, just be thankful that you are here.

  4. Yea they stole their recipe from SaghettiOs. Bring back Ernestos! I used to be thankful before Californication.

  5. I don’t know if anyone has checked out Johnny Carinos… but we hit it one night last week and forget olive garden, or earnesto’s, they freakin rocked it on all levels. Whoever said the comment about you and your wife love to eat bread sticks… morons. THE COMMENT ABOUT OG or Boston’s not being all bad… ARE YOU FORGETTING THE MOM AND POP SHOPS THAT GET SHUT DOWN WHEN PLACES LIKE THESE INFEST A MARKET? My mom’s store shut down due to over infestation of corporate greeed.

  6. I have been to pastini’s, Johnny Carino’s and many other Italian places here in bend. They ALL are HORRIBLE compared to Olive Garden. I have yet to go to an Italian resturant that has killer breadsticks, salad and pasta like Olive Gardens. By the way,….Johnny Carino’s is a chain and they are the worst Italian place in BEND! YUCK< YUCK YUCK YUCK. I hope Olive Garden puts them out of business. It wouldn’t suprise me. If Olive Garden wasn’t as good as I am saying it is, then why is it soooo popular around the nation! Just something to think about 🙂

  7. I LOVE OLIVE GARDEN. I am so happy that we will finally be getting a quality
    Italian food resturant here in bend! Johnny Carinos is sub-par as well as Sullys in Redmond. People who dont like Olive Garden ARE snobs! Always having to criticize everyone and everything must make their lives miserable…….because they’re so negative.

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