Tax Day Tea Party

This is one of the more unusual events I’ve heard of, but it’s definitely worth blogging about. If you’re unhappy with the way the government has been handling the economy lately (among other things), this might be for you.

You’ve no doubt heard of the many Tea Party Rallies being held all across the country to protest the bailouts, wasteful spending, the corruption of earmarks, passing a record $700 expenditure bill without reading it, the rapid addition to our national debt (future bankruptcy?), the promised increase in taxes (re: cap & trade, the hidden tax) and the ramifications of all on our economy, job growth and unemployment. In addition, there is government ownership and control of private businesses on the horizon, and the promise of more massive spending and foolish government entitlement programs and amnesty to illegal immigrants, which are now costing the American taxpayer $350 billion a year.

So, a few of us are a little peeved and want Washington to Hear us.

A Tax Day Tea Party is planned for Bend to be held at Troy Park, next to McMenamins, on April 15th from 3:00 to 7:00. We invite all Central Oregonians to attend the rally, bring your tea bags, your signs, and your folding chairs for a good time with grassroots speeches, music, and a march through downtown. If you’ like more information, let me know.

A bit more info can be found here.

All in the spirit of the Boston Tea Party, of course.

7 thoughts on “Tax Day Tea Party

  1. I wouldn’t say this is Neocon bullshit, neocons are all for these welfare/warfare budgets, ever increasing "defense spending" which have now been adopted by the "peace" candidate Obama!

  2. If the neocons lit the fire, the so-called leaders in power now have thrown gasoline on it. What nasty names should we call them? This is not about one president nor one party or the other. It’s time to put a stop to ALL of this bullshit. The Republic as we know it is at stake.

  3. Proud to piss off the left wing neocomms again!! Thank you Ric, Kyle, Granny and Frank, for showing everyone just how foul the left can be.. Always predictable and a very limited use of the English language. Keep it up.

  4. Holy cow there is a lot of deep seated anger issues and hate coming from the far left… yikes!

    The left has been protesting for 8 years and the right does it for 1 day and the sky is falling? The police have been quoted multiple times for how much more peaceful and considerate the "tea-party" people are than the left protesters. Maybe it’s a "angry hate" vs. "concern" difference?

    Personally, I think everyone in power is stupid and this country is going down the tube and there isn’t anything we can do about it =) We’ve elected a bunch of lawyers who are trained to lie, decieve and win and not to lead and manage.

    Time to learn Mandarin! (that’s Chinese… not a small orange for some of you)

  5. The comment left by "educated and laughing" is right on !!!! We will soon be owned by China if Obama gets his way. Its all part of Obama’s master plan to bankrupt our country and to let all terrorists know that it is now ok to bomb the USA and get away with it because Obama is more concerned about the well being of terrorists than he is of the American people. After all Obama did say that all Americans are arrogant and therefore unworthy of being protected.

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