Upcoming Yoga Workshop at Bend Yoga

Submitted details for a workshop at Bend Yoga in a couple of weeks:

What :
Yoga for Peak Performance Workshop
Athletic performance enhanced by yoga and meditation
Cost: $20
When: Saturday, April 25 1:00 – 3:00PM
Where: Bend Yoga 155 NW Century Drive Suite 113
Contact: 541-322-9642 (YOGA) info@bend-yoga.com

There is much more to athletic performance than fitness level and well-practiced skills. To perform well the athlete must also prepare the mind and nervous system for the rigors of training and competition, as well as deal with the unbalanced musculoskeletal demands of sport-specific training.

Yoga is an ancient practice in calming the mind and opening the body. As a compliment to all other athletic pursuits it prepares the athlete for mental focus and the ability to relax under pressure. On the physical side, yoga better prepares the body to sustain impact and prevent against injury.

Designed for amateur and competitive athletes alike this challenging but restorative workshop presents yoga as a tool for stress management, relaxation, and mental focus, as well as providing an entertaining and engaging yoga workout. It is also perfect for coaches who want to help their athletes reach deeper states of relaxation and flexibility. Previous yoga experience is not necessary.