Volcano Vineyards to close… and then re-open

From the Volcano Vineyards blog today comes the news that the downtown local winery is closing their tasting room, but with good reason: they plan to open a larger space.

We are working on opening a winery facility here in Bend for the production of our Magmita Sangria and our second label, Magna Wines. Because of permitting and licensing issues, we can’t have the tasting room open – the OLCC allows three locations under our winery license: we have our main winery facility in southern Oregon as one, our house is another (from where we ship) and the third is now the tasting room, but that will be transferred to the new winery space.

No word on when—things are taking longer than they thought—but it’s certainly refreshing to hear of a local business actually planning on expanding in this economy.

They make good wine, too. Pop in to their tasting room on Brooks Street to try some before they move.