Fireside Red is apparently closed for good

It’s all over Twitter today (but I haven’t seen it anywhere else, which is interesting) that Fireside Red—who you might recall just closed and re-opened after retooling or something—is now closed for good. Or will be closing. Or something, I’m not sure of the timeframe here.

The most plausible of the Twitter posts I’ve seen are from bendeats (AKA Bend Oregon Restaurants). BOR is pretty spot-on about this stuff.

Place any bets if another restaurant will take up shop in that space?

2 thoughts on “Fireside Red is apparently closed for good

  1. My understanding is that equipment and furniture is being moved out as I write this, and that they’re closing for good immediately.

  2. I drive by the location every morning and noticed about a week ago the "For Lease" sign in the window. Too bad – I had not had time to try it, but it was first on my list next time we had a babysitter! Another one bites the dust…I think a great place to use that space would be something casual, fairly healthy, fresh, that will use the deck to the best advantage…maybe another brewery (JK). Honestly though – how about something like El Caporal or La Rosa, but with a lower-priced menu and a great margarita bar on the deck? Or maybe a pizza place like a BJs (see or Pizza Port (see – guess I just gave away my Cali roots, eh?

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