The Bulletin’s new Frequency music blog

The Bulletin has launched their first blog: Frequency, featuring music reviews and news from Bend and Central Oregon. It’s written by Ben Salmon, the key player responsible for the Bulletin’s Near/Far (the freely-downloadable music compilations), and the "mission statement", as it were, is:

Here at Frequency, I’ll aim to keep you up to date on all things music, period. If a big show is announced for Bend (or a surrounding town), I’ll let you know about it. If something sells out, you’ll read about it here. Did you hear that a concert was canceled? Check out Frequency for the up-to-date info.

You’d better believe, too, that I’ll be covering Central Oregon’s local artists from top to bottom. From new collaborations to break-ups, high-school garage bands to veteran folkies, DJs to jam-grass groups, Frequency will have regular updates about the region’s endlessly inventive musicians.

Along the way, I’ll sprinkle in national music news and give you my take on what’s going on and how it could affect the way you consume your favorite sounds.

A cursory glance at the site is revealing, with a Flickr photostream, a Flash plugin radio player, Twitter account and followers, and more.

All in all, looks really promising and if you’re into the local music scene you should follow it. I already foresee good Hack Bend fodder from it…

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