DiLusso on Galveston closed?

An anonymous tipster wrote in to say, "DiLusso on Galveston has a big sign outside that says that location is closed, and folks should visit the downtown shop."

I haven’t been down Galveston lately so I haven’t seen this; but wasn’t the Galveston location where they baked most of their pastries and items? Anyone have a scoop?

9 thoughts on “DiLusso on Galveston closed?

  1. that’s too bad, there was some nice people there but there is a Tap house coming in soon next door where Makanas used to be

  2. There’s a letter saying due to unforeseen circumstances, they closed the Galveston store on May 8th, but the downtown & Redmond airport are still open. Sad.

  3. I talked to the gal at the downtown counter, she said the rent for the Galveston store was insanely high, they couldn’t keep it going. They moved all the operations and most of the staff to the downtown store.

    They closed Galveston on Friday.

  4. I think they bake most of their goodies off Franklin Ave (opposite side of the street from Les Schwab near the underpass) in a building that used to have a carpet place in it.

  5. Anon: That makes sense, considering that building used to house the original Royal Blend Coffee, which DiLusso bought some years back.

  6. I&J is still in business. They just rent a good part of the building to Dilusso’s which uses it as the bakery for the breads, biscottis and other insanely delicious smelling stuff…

  7. Bend can support about 10 coffee shops and 5 nice restaurants… so why do we have 50 coffee shops and 25 nice restaurants? Oh well, I suppose it’s good for the consumer…

  8. I heard their lease at Galveston was up this fall and since they had moved their bread and pastry baking to 1st Street that they weren’t using most of the space at Galveston and didn’t want to expand into a restaurant. Not sure why they closed before their lease was done. Be interesting to see what opens there…..great location.

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