Economic troubles with the News

Two items from May 1st which got missed the first time around, both dealing with the local news media’s economic troubles:

  • Oregon Media Insiders reports Major Cuts at KOHD: "Non-renewed contracts, I’m told, include sports reporter Rachel Azevedo, reporter Allison Martin (once the weekend anchor when they had a weekend show) and anchor Jay Frank, who’s still got a year on his contract. The 5 pm producer/assignment editor is an outright layoff…"
  • And over at The Source, H. Bruce Miller says Bulletin Employees Hit With Pay Cut: "The tough times that have battered newspapers across the country have hit home in Bend: Staffers at The Bulletin and its parent company, Western Communications Inc., were told yesterday that they’ll be taking pay cuts of up to 10%."

Also read the comments; interesting stuff to be found there.

Of course, it’s not just the economy hurting the news these days; in this age of the internet (and blogs and twitter and craigslist and social media), traditional media is taking big hits.

Baker City Kina has some interesting comments following up on this too (street cred: she used to work for the Bulletin).

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