Recession tip: $2 beer at Longboard Louie’s

After work today we stopped in to the Eastside Longboard Louie’s for a drink and appetizer, and I have to blog this: they have $2 pints of beer all day, every day.

No kidding! My wife told me about it some time back, but I thought that meant they had a happy hour, or a locals night or something. No. It’s $2 always, as near as I can tell.

(I don’t know if they have this at their Westside location also—anyone?)

And we’re talking good beer selections, too—nearly all the local microbrewers are represented (at least two each from Deschutes, Bend Brewing, Silver Moon, 10 Barrel, and Cascade Lakes), as well as others.

It may well be the best beer deal in town.

4 thoughts on “Recession tip: $2 beer at Longboard Louie’s

  1. The Old Back Nine (golf course) has $2 beers too. If you are a golfer, I guess that’s a good deal.

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