Bob Thomas on the chopping block

News that’s both surprising and not so surprising in light of GM’s dismal economic condition today: KBND reports that Bob Thomas is in dire straits:

Bob Thomas said they received a letter from officials at GM advising them that their contract will not be renewed in 2010. Thomas says they are astonished and dismayed at the decision.

I always thought Bob Thomas was one of the good ones, so that sucks. They’re organizing a campaign to send "e-mails and letters of support" to GM and politicians; if you want to contribute send an email to

4 thoughts on “Bob Thomas on the chopping block

  1. Couldn’t he just switch to selling cars that people actually want to buy (subaru, toyota, honda, etc)?

  2. We bought a Suburu Tribeca from them last year and we think they suck. Not surprised that a supplier would want to drop them.

  3. GOOD!!!! Horrible SALES Service for GM!!!!

    Horrible people…..Got my heart set on a car and buying it over the phone, not being able to see it or drive it. Lois Brooks the internet sales lady jerked me around for over 4 hours on the phone ran credit and everything…during sale action….they let someone else come in and drive the car…then sold the car to another person during very end of transaction. This dealer deserves the title of "typical car salesman." They burned me good…Would not recommend giving these people your business, they do not care about their customers!!!!
    ! Every dealer I have dealt with has the decency to not let another customer drive a car during a transaction that is in the final process!!!

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