Silver Moon’s OLCC conundrum

We went down to Silver Moon Brewing this weekend for drinks and found out that they are unable to serve wine anymore. Apparently about six months ago the OLCC informed them of this situation: since they are a defacto production brewery (they brew on-premise but are not licensed as a brewpub) and self-distribute, OLCC regulations state that if they brew more than 1000 barrels of beer per year, then their licensing changes.

Well, Silver Moon brewed just over 1000 barrels last year, so this "production brewery" regulation went into effect; they can serve beer in their taproom, but no other types of alcohol, including wine.

(I’m sure my explanation isn’t exact as far as the OLCC regulations go, but this is essentially as I understand it.)

There’s some potential legislation that might change this, but for now, if you’re heading down to Silver Moon and you don’t drink beer for some reason (my wife doesn’t), be aware that all you can get instead is water or pop.

Of course, don’t let that stop you from visiting them anyway—they have a terrific seasonal Belgian-style rye beer on tap (brewed with heather tips), they still have food, and they’ve got a consistently busy and great lineup of live music every week.

3 thoughts on “Silver Moon’s OLCC conundrum

  1. it’s really sad to see the impact olcc has on our town. honestly, what the hell kind of rule is that? i couldn’t take my teenage son to into Summit for a burger after a baseball game because olcc sees it as a threat to public safety. and now olcc is creating these meaningless obstacles for Silver Moon? It’s shameful for a state agency to behave this way. it kills the entreprenurial spirit. Sorry Silver Moon. You guys do a great job. i hope olcc doesn’t put you out of business like it seems they have a tendency to do.

  2. As of tonight Silver Moon has resumed selling 22’s, growlers, refills and wine by the glass!

    The law causing the problem was revised to solve the problem statewide.

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