Bend Farmers Market starts today

Bend Farmers MarketIt’s that time of year again—the start of the summertime Bend Farmers Market. From June through mid-October, the Farmers Market is in town twice a week:

  • Wednesdays from 3 to 7pm, at the Brooks Street Riverfront Plaza, which is the top of Drake Park next to the public parking lot.
  • Fridays from 2 to 6pm, at the main entrance to St. Charles Medical Center—the hospital lawn. This one only runs through September.

I love the Farmers Market, though I don’t make it down there very often. And this year (or maybe past years, as well) they have live music—see who’s playing when on their Schedule page.

(I also like that they finally have a website of their own. Definitely makes things easier!)

2 thoughts on “Bend Farmers Market starts today

  1. man, their website has a wierd picture on the homepage of some huge lady’s ass and random peoples backs and funny faces. maybe a better picture guys? yeesh

  2. LOL I agree, that has to be the worst picture ever to show off a farmer’s market…

    Throw out a picture of some of the actual products instead of just goofy looking people.

    Even something as basic as:
    would make you want to come more than a fat butt.

    Sometimes I feel bad for businesses that go out of business, but then when I stop and really think about it, they probably had it coming.

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