Press Release: Beyond the Flames New Contests

I have to admit, I was lost at first, reading this press release—then it dawned on me that "Beyond the Flames" is a fire prevention magazine. And since we’re nearing the start of fire season, it’s pretty topical.

The 2009 issue of Beyond the Flames will include two new contests – a kids’ coloring contest and an adult contest! This year’s issue can be found in your Sunday Bend Bulletin and in this week’s issue of The Source Weekly.

Kids’ Contest:

Project Wildfire will award Grand Prize, First Place and Second Place prizes to winners of a coloring contest in three age group categories: under 6 yrs; 7-9 yrs, and 10-12 yrs.

Children 12 and under are encouraged to submit their drawings addressing one of three categories: 1) What can you and your family do to protect your home from a wildfire? 2) Why should people prevent wildfires? 3) How can your family put out a campfire safely?

Artwork completed in response to one of the above three questions can be submitted to the Project Wildfire office at 115 NW Oregon Avenue, Suite 17 – Bend, OR 97701. All entries in the kids’ contest must be received no later than July 15, 2009.

Artwork will be judged and prizes will be awarded at the 2009 Deschutes County Fair! The winning artwork will be displayed on the Project Wildfire and FireFree websites ( and and may be used on future fire prevention signs across the county.

Adult contest:

The adult contest requires answers to five simple questions (the answers to which can be found in the publication) that are submitted for a random drawing. Answers to the five questions can be submitted to the Project Wildfire office at 115 NW Oregon Avenue, Suite 17 – Bend, OR 97701. All entries for the adult contest must be received by June 30, 2009.

The Grand Prize winner will receive $600 worth of fire resistant landscaping to his or her property! First Prize is $500 of fire resistant landscaping and a Second Prize of $400 of fire resistant landscaping will also be awarded. All winners will be recognized at the 2009 Deschutes County Fair.

Please refer to the back pages of the Beyond the Flames publication for complete entry details and instructions.

Along with insertion in the Bend Bulletin this Sunday, Beyond the Flames will be circulated the week of June 7-11, 2009 in the Sisters Nugget, Redmond Spokesman, Newberry Eagle, Central Oregonian, and The Source Weekly. For more information or an electronic copy of Beyond the Flames, please visit