The East Village

I noticed there’s a new restaurant(ish) place that’s opened up on the Eastside: "The East Village" is the new second location of the Village Baker (who still have their main Westside space), located in the old Demetri’s space at 425 NE Windy Knolls. (Across from Bend Pet Express and Wells Fargo.)

Essentially they’re just a second outlet for the Village Baker: they sell their artisan breads and baked goods, of course, but they also have soups, sandwiches, and coffee available too (and probably salads), with a decent seating space. (If you’d ever been in to Demetri’s Greek Cusina back in the day, the layout is still essentially the same.)

Looks to be the same menu as the Westside location: most items are under $10 and sound really good.

All in all, it’s another good lunch option on the Eastside, and a convenient place to get some unique baked goods. Right on.

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