The Westside’s new pub

The Bulletin today had some details on the new pub that will be opening over on Galveston on the Westside:

The pub, to be called Brother Jon’s Public House and located at 1227 N.W. Galveston Ave., will be family-friendly and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, Machell said. The menu will feature healthy pub food, soups and salads, with entrees costing no more than $10, he added.

Machell, who is opening the bar with his business partner, Stephen Barnette, said the pub will also show baseball and football games but shouldn’t be considered a sports bar.

The 1227 space was formerly occupied by Le Cakery and (briefly) Makahna’s. Or, is Le Cakery still open? It’s possible it was a shared building space, since Google tells me Mt. Bachelor Fitness Equipment and Archery Den are currenlty (or used to be?) at that address, too. Along with something called Chit Chat, and Bend Skin Company.

One thought on “The Westside’s new pub

  1. The space is not where Le Cakery was, but where the coffee shop was for a short time. The sign is up, so you can see where the pub is when you are there.

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