No Bend Brew Fest this year, but something else instead

I don’t know how many people know this yet—I actually saw something about it in The Source last month I think, and KOHD had a story about it—but this year’s Bend Brew Fest has been canceled. Or, rather their website says it’s been "postponed for restructuring." Of course, being postponed until 2010 amount to being canceled for this year.

According to the KOHD story:

According to documents obtained by KOHD News from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission or OLCC, the event has had problems, including minors drinking, intoxicated patrons being served drinks, even one case of an intoxicated patron crashing a golf cart into a tent. Prompting the OLCC to ask for changes including banning minors and shorten the hours during that event.

The Brew Fest normally takes place the third weekend in August.

But, something’s coming up in September which will help fill the gap: The Little Woody.

Lay It Out Events is proud to present the First Annual Little Woody Specialty and Craft Beer Festival. This event promises to be one of Bend’s tastiest events. The event will feature hand crafted, wood aged beer as well as one specialty brew from each of Central Oregon’s Breweries. Taking place outside on the Deschutes Brewery lawn in the Old Mill District the Little Woody will be the place to be September 12th. Festival goers will enjoy live music, great food, a wood carving exhibition and beer tastings throughout the day and into the night.

Thus far, they’re promoting Deschutes Brewery, Cascade Lakes, and 10 Barrel as participating with this Fest. (Hopefully the other breweries will get involved too.)

Barrel-aged beers can be fantastic; this should turn out to be a great event. Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 12th. (No word on pricing yet.)

4 thoughts on “No Bend Brew Fest this year, but something else instead

  1. It seems like we can’t go a day without hearing how the OLCC overregulated something again lol

    And now they take away the brewfest… sons of a…

  2. We were planning on coming over from Portland for the Brew Fest, so this is very disappointing. THis would’ve been out fourth time for us. This eems like a bad move and counterproductive in such crappy economic times.

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