Fox’s Billiard Lounge opens

Today marked the opening day for Fox’s Billiard Lounge, the new pool hall on the westside—Newport Avenue, to be exact—that’s offering quality pool tables, cheap food, and where "every hour is happy hour." Here’s their about us blurb:

Fox’s Billiard Lounge is a wonderful place to come and enjoy the sport of billiards in an upscale environment while enjoying a full bar and $5 menu. Owner, Marshall Fox, has enjoyed Bend since his childhood. Being in the service industry for over 15 years combined with a passion for Billiards, Bartending and Eating he has created the next hot spot for Bend. Our philosophy is that every hour should be a happy hour which means everything on our menu is $5 or less. Fox’s also entertains while serving guests with some great flair bartenders and friendly cocktail servers. Come on in and enjoy our lounge style seating in one of our beaded curtain areas or enjoy some Billiard play at one of our Portland made Golden West Billiard Tables. We also have a VIP room with its own Billiard Table, TV, WII System and Couch seating area.

Flair bartending? $2.75 beer? I have to admit I’m intrigued—have been since seeing the space under development the few times I’ve been down Newport lately.

No idea if they allow minors, and playing a table costs $8 per hour (I’m not sure if that’s expensive or not—what’s a good going rate?). And that flair bartending… I can’t help but think of the Tom Cruise movie "Cocktail." Hope it’s not that cheesy.

5 thoughts on “Fox’s Billiard Lounge opens

  1. I’ve been to a couple of places in Portland and Tri-cities Washington where both places charged $5 an hour.

  2. Can’t wait to try this place. Looks fun. Most pool halls I have been to are per person around $5 per person per hour so if it is 8 per person then that might be a little much. If it is a flat rate thats not bad. I like the happy hour every hour…

  3. 8 bucks an hour for pool isn’t bad. I’m pretty sure that some places in Bend charge like $7 an hour, and their beers are like $4.35. I’ll check this place out and report back…

  4. Hung out there all evening tonight. Great atmosphere, great food, one of the cooler places in bend. had a full meal with appetizers and beer under $20. $5 bacon cheesburger and fried twinkies. cant beat that. and the pool is $8 an hour for the table. flat rate. go there. its rad.

  5. Went and checked it out. The the deals on food and drinks are awesome, atmosphere is cool. Even for someone like me that’s not really into playing pool… It’s just a nice place to go with friends and relax… Will definitely return.

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