Where in Bend is Orlando Bloom?

Well, he’s not in Bend anymore, but rumor has it (strongly backed up by multiple sources) that actor Orlando Bloom was in Bend over the weekend (perhaps before?) to watch (or, according to some sources, participate in) the Cascade Cycling Classic.

The news broke on Twitter, naturally, and spread to Facebook as well. Some of the "Orlando sightings" sounded genuine, and here’s what I can add:

He was at Strictly Organic Coffee, where I think the first sighting was made, and an employee of Strictly Organic later confirmed that he had indeed, been in. (Of course, this employee was at the Old Mill Strictly Organic located in the old Bella Cucina space across from Anthony’s, and not at the main SO location.)

And a manager at Phoenix Inn told me in person that Orlando had indeed been there, staying at the Phoenix Inn and checking out Sunday morning.

Was he in town? I think yes. Why not? We have Matthew Fox and Rainn Wilson running around Central Oregon. Would I have even recognized him? No.

So what’s your Orlando Bloom sighting story?

10 thoughts on “Where in Bend is Orlando Bloom?

  1. A friend of mine got a picture with him and had a brief conversation with him outside Marz on Saturday after the Criterium.
    He was very nice and said he was in town for the race he also said that he went mountain biking on the McKenzie River Trail, and he thinks Bend is really beautiful.

  2. I have been wondering if it was him and now I know.
    My family went camping at Trail Bridge camp ground in oregon, we went for a swim and noticed that we have been swimming and talking to orlando bloom the whole time. It wasnt very long that he was swimming there but it was fun, he seemed like a realy nice guy, and it would have been cool to talk with him more.

  3. I went camping over the weekend and we were swimming and he came down to the water and we had a little convercation and then we left but we kept looking at him and we thought he looked like orlando bloom. And I looked online and finaly found out that it was him!! I wish i would have gotten his autograph or a picture but im just happy to know that i even got to meet him

  4. It’s all a hoax! Orlando Bloom has a disgruntled twin brother, Flucious Bloom, who rarely "denies" being Orlando when approached in public for an autograph. I’ve known the guy for years and he’ll do anything on the chance that someone might buy him a free drink.

  5. Bruce Willis lives in the area at times. He rides his bike through town and will go through the Wells Fargo drive-thru (obviously to avoid attention), Tom Selleck has a home near Smith Rock. Word was Sylvester Stallone has a home near Tumalo.

    The former CEO of Nike and current CEO of Cisco Corporation are part-time residents.

    Those are the only ones I remember right now….

  6. I saw Matt Fox at Kebaba last summer, one lunch hour. He said he was visiting family, and later that month I read that he’s building a home out here.

    I also spotted William Hurt over at Victorian the year before. A buddy yelled "Hey! I remember you from Altered States" – he replied "well then, you must be old" 😉

    Orlando Bloom? that woulda been cool to see him.

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