Absinthe at the Blacksmith

Show of hands: how many people know the Blacksmith Restaurant has absinthe on their drink menu?

They do, and you won’t go crazy or have any psychedelic experiences from drinking it. I tried it this past weekend, and I’ve written up a review on my beer blog. Bottom line, it’s definitely worth the experience.

On a side note, I have to say I really like the Blacksmith’s happy hour menu—you can get a sizable quality meal for only $10 or 11, not to mention the drink deals. 4:30 to 6:30 (and 9pm to close) every day, I believe. It’s a deal that’s hard to beat.

6 thoughts on “Absinthe at the Blacksmith

  1. Absinthe legally sold in the US does not have wormood in it. Its just the same as any other liquor

  2. Absinthe laws were changed in the U.S. about 2 years ago. It’s now legal to own and purchase (if I remember right from reading up on it a couple days ago). My friend and I brought some home from Prague a few years back. It’s tasty for how high proof it is. It’s way more fun in Prague though =)

  3. Thats because foreign absinth is different than domestically sold absinthe. Its like labeling an o’douls an alcoholic beer…

  4. Visited Blacksmith probably 2 montes ago and was chatting it up with the bartender, who offered to pour small tastes of 2 of their absinthes. One from the US and another from France. The stuff tasted godawful, super spicy licorice flavor, like 10x more than jager, and very hot like grain alcohol. bleh, just not for me.

    Anonymous is incorrect, Wormwood is used in the distilling, thats what makes absinthe absinthe. The Thujone levels just need to be below a certain ppm to be allowed for sale in the US.

  5. Here, here on the menu. I like that they change the menu up frequently with always new tantalizing cocktails and appetizers for those of us who frequent the Blacksmith way too much, but I dearly miss the crab stuffed corn dogs. Bring them back, puh-lease…

  6. Thanks for loving that we have absinthe at the Blacksmith. I just brought in another absinthe – which is the Lucid (the first absinthe on the U.S. market). So now we have three (Le Tourment Vert, K├╝bler, and Lucid). Absinthe is legal (all the absinthes we have are distilled from fennel, anise, and wormood) – we are selling the same absinthe you can buy in Europe, it was legalized about a year and a half ago. We serve it in the traditional manner with the sugar cube, spoon, and the fountain. We pour the absinthe into beautiful Riedel crystal, some of the finest glassware in the world created to perfect the bouquet and essence of anything you drink.

    And to the crab stuffed corn dog post – we’ve never taken them off the menu. They just weren’t on the happy hour menu for awhile, but now they are. Anyhow, pop back in and have a corn dog!

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