The Staxx Brothers at Silver Moon

Here’s the musical press release I’d mentioned yesterday.

Acclaimed Seattle band and local booking agency In The Pocket Artists’ latest signing The Staxx Brothers, will barnstorm the city of Bend for the very first time Thursday August 27 at The Silver Moon Brewery. The band is set to play 2-3 sets spanning their unique discography; a trademark Hard Ass Soul blend of blues infused Rock & Roll, Hip Hop (plus the sweet leaf tinge of Reggae), and even some startlingly authentic forays into straight ahead Country Western. The Staxx Brothers are everything, yet always surprising.

Widely considered Seattle’s most exciting & up and coming live acts (Seattle Weekly has named them among the most outstanding of 09’) the group has also released a pair of sensational full length albums, starting with The 12th Street Blues in late 2007, which the Seattle P.I. called “…something distinct and genuine, a roadmap of a diverse musical odyssey.” The Staxx Brothers most recent effort We are The Blaxstonz, produced by Grammy winning producer Scott Colburn (Arcade Fire, Animal Collective, Mudhoney) is a chain reaction; The voodoo precision of an indie icon’s Midas touch in harnessing a band’s incredible momentum; delivering an album that willfully captures every drop of The Staxx Brothers’ hard to contain (and even harder to explain) napalm in a bottle, yet somehow still balances cut after cut of radio ready performances, within a deceptive concept album format that is a must have for any serious record collector.

The Staxx Brothers promise boost for the Bend economy by infusing capital into local coffers via In the Pocket, fueled by rise to national prominence culminating with a sold out performance at The Apollo Theater in Harlem, NY on May 12, 2012. But even more relevant to the moment at hand, the band will bring pure joy to your community on Thursday August 27 at The Silver Moon Brewery and have you dancing in the Streets.