Redmond: Design their Centennial poster

Redmond’s Centennial is coming up next year (the city was incorporated on July 6, 1910), and their 2010 Centennial Committee is holding a poster contest to select the official poster for the Celebration. I’ve reproduced the press release below; the only question is, what is the due date for submissions?

The 2010 Redmond Centennial Committee is excited to announce a poster contest for the official poster for the Centennial Celebration! This is a wonderful way to contribute to the Redmond Centennial through your artistic and graphic skills. We are looking for poster designs that represent the past 100 years of Redmond. This can focus on a specific image or time or a collage.

We ask that all posters include the following text/graphics:

  1. Redmond Centennial 2010
  2. Dates of events are as follows:
    1. Centennial Kickoff Weekend, May 28-31, 2010
    2. Centennial Week Celebration, July 2-6,2010
    3. Harvest Festival, September 17-19, 2010
  3. Web address, phone number and email address:, (541) 504-2010,
  4. Redmond Centennial HUB (will be emailed upon request).


  1. Only original artwork will be considered.
  2. Copyrighted Images/Subjects: The winner’s work will become the property of the City of Redmond.
  3. Please submit your poster as a .jpeg or .pdf. It may be emailed or sent on a cd. The winner will be asked to submit a high-resolution .jpeg.
  4. Artists may submit multiple posters. When creating your poster, please remember that the winning poster will be reproduced and distributed and consider the cost of reproduction.
  5. Please leave space at the bottom of your design for sponsorship logos.


  1. Listing on the Centennial website as poster artist.
  2. Invitations to Centennial events.
  3. Press release announcing your winning entry.
  4. If you have a business, your logo on the poster.

Please contact us at: (541) 504-2010, for a submission form.

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