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Over on my original Abbey Pub post, Geoff (the owner) has been answering comments and providing updates, and the last was worth reposting:

Our hours have changed a little bit. Here’s the scoop: we were closed last Tuesday due to having a wisdom tooth extracted.

We will be closed this Tuesday due to going back to the dentist in the AM and then, frankly, taking the rest of the day off to rest. Coming up on a month straight with the only day off being the wisdom tooth day, I need a little break.

We are opening at 11:00 am Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri, and Sat. We have been opening at 2:00 on Sunday because it has been really slow in the mornings, but this will change when Football start and when COCC starts (Sept 21st I think).

I have started a twitter account if anyone wants to follow that to see what the current draft list is ( We blew the Big Sky Trout Slayer yesterday and put Terminal Gravity ESG (Extra Special Golden) on. Upcoming beers are: Sea Dog brewing Blueberry Wheat and Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale.

As for the lighting, that will be taken care of after the cooler issues. I have a guy coming over on Wednesday to look at the coolers, so we should have the coolers up and stocked (somewhat) by Friday. That means the lights should be addressed by the following Friday. I will go shopping for lights on Tuesday and try to get that taken care of. Thanks for all the posts and suggestions.

Say Hi when you come in and let me know you found out about my place on Jons’ awesome blog!

Geoff Marlowe
The Abbey Pub
323-2337 (323-BEER)
1740 NW Pence Ln

I added the emphasis and the link. Have you been in there yet? Why not?

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