Press Release: Faith, Hope, and Charity Vineyard will Host Benefit to Support Family Access Network

This is taking place over in Terrebonne, but it’s for a good cause. Plus, I absolutely did not know that Terrebonne had a growing agritourism industry. Should I have?

Every day in Deschutes county, over 650 children are homeless, 1 in 7 go to bed hungry, and more than 6500 children don’t have access to adequate healthcare. Too many parents are faced with deciding: Heat? Or eat?

To help ensure all children in Deschutes County have access to basic-need services, the Heat? Or Eat? Benefit will be held on Sunday, October 4th at 3:00 pm at the Faith, Hope, and Charity Vineyard in Terrebonne. This fun, family event will feature several booths highlighting Terrebonne’s growing Agritourism industry. Educational displays will showcase the Crescent Moon Alpaca Ranch with alpacas to pet and learn about, Deep Canyon Preserve with information on Pheasant and Chucker hunts, a new Organic Vegetable Farm, local vineyards and a winery. There will also be a silent auction, horse-drawn wagon rides, wine tasting, art, and music provided by Erin Cole Baker and Casey Elliott. Beverages & hors d’oeuvres will be provided. Entry to the event is $10 and children under 12 are free.

All of the funds raised from this benefit will be used to support Family Access Network. FAN is a local non-profit organization that is committed to building a healthy community by alleviating the suffering of children in need. Through FAN advocates in each public school, children and families are connected to essential services including food, shelter, healthcare, clothing, job opportunities, child support, and more.

Questions regarding the Heat? Or Eat? Benefit can be directed to:
Angela Bacuyani – 604-0289 –

Questions regarding Faith, Hope, and Charity Vineyards or Agritourism can be directed to: Cindy Grossmann-541-350-5384

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  1. Yes, agritourism is alive and well here: Pumpkin patches to visit in the fall (and other activities throughout the year); cheese farms to tour; animals to visit at local ranches; and Maragas Winery to visit and sometimes they have fun events out there. It is a growing area of tourism and one to tout. Plus, don’t forget local tours in town of candy shops and of course, Deschutes Brewery.

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