The Downtowner and The Summit merge

As many of you may know, the owners of The Downtowner, a great little sandwich-and-soup shop located to the entrance of the breezeway in downtown Bend, are also the owners of The Summit Saloon, the sports bar located in the O’Kane Building on Oregon Avenue. You may also know that as of two days ago, they closed The Downtowner and merged with The Summit.

Here’s the email Matt Gordon, one of the owners, had sent me (sorry about being late posting this):

As of Tues. Sept 8th, we will be closing the Breezeway location and merging the two businesses.

All of your DT favorites will be available at The Summit on that date. We will be opening daily at 11 AM. We are excited for this change, as it will finally afford our diners a more open and relaxed atmosphere as well full table service and more timely food preparation.

I appreciate it you can help us get the word out. Our new phone number for take out and deliveries is 541-749-2440 and the new physical address is 125 NW Oregon Ave.

On the one hand they’re offering more space and better service and get to open The Summit for lunch during the week; on the other hand, there’s this lament from The Source (bemoaning the loss of the East Coast character that imbued The Downtowner).

What do you all think? Good move for them? Same Downtowner quality at the new location? Or something else?

3 thoughts on “The Downtowner and The Summit merge

  1. In general, I think it’s a positive thing. I loved their outdoor seating but rarely made it there by closing time. A while back they switched their vinaigrette to one that was really olive flavored. I hated it. Now that they’ve moved to the Summit they have the old vinaigrette which is much better.

    I tend to visit the summit often anyhow and the fact that they have the downtowner sandwiches now is great. Also, the food comes out really fast now. No more waiting 30 minutes for a sandwich. Mine came in less than 10 minutes today.

    I’m bummed there is no more patio seating but I’m pretty psyched about everything else.

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