The musical Cabaret has been brought to the Tower Theatre for six showings by a brand-new local theater company, Cat Call Productions. You’ve probably seen the ads or heard the spots on the radio, it’s been pretty well publicized. It’s a high-profile musical, too, and The Source mentioned it "might be one of the most innovative theater ventures" Bend has seen in a while.

Evan Smith, a member of the cast, had written in to say:

A brand-new theater company, Cat Call Productions, owned by Tifany [LeGuyonne], is putting this on.  I went with to massage school with Tiffany for two years back in 2002, at COCC. She is way cool and producing this on her own dime… so she is def. a go-getter and entrepreneur worth mentioning.

We had our dress rehearsal tonight and it was off da Hook!

Tickets are $25, though for $100 you can get a VIP table for two right up front:

The front three rows of theater seats have been removed to make way for 8 tables, creating the illusion that you are sitting in the rear of the Kit Kat Klub – Berlin 1929. Stairs will bring the show from the stage to play out amongst you and your guests.

That sounds like fun!

Show performances are the 17th (first was tonight), 18th, and 19th, and then next week the 24th, 25th, and 26th. It’s also a more adult-oriented show, as it contains mature content.

Oh, and in case you need a synopsis:

CABARET is set in Berlin at the close of 1929 and the beginning rise of the Third Reich. A young American novelist has come to Berlin to write and has fallen in love with an English cabaret singer. He becomes entangled in a rocky relationship, political propaganda, and the seedy, sorted night life of the Kit Kat Klub. The Cabaret’s own Emcee sarcastically narrates the story through song and dance. The audience gets a glimpse into the changing political tide of a nation destined to transform history forever.

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  1. Saw the opening night performance and it was fantastic! Get your tickets now and support the new production company. They are a breath of fresh air via 1929 Berlin!!!

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