Working Wonders is closing, Oct. 4

As many have probably heard, Working Wonders Children’s Museum in the Old Mill District is closing, effective October 4th (Saturday, October 3rd will be their last day). They weren’t able to meet their fundraising goals (some $200,000, I heard on the news), and the overall model apparently isn’t financially viable.

The kicker is, this week they’re also celebrating their fifth anniversary:

We invite you to share in our final 5th birthday celebration from Wednesday, September 30th to Saturday, October 3rd in the museum. We have scheduled special activities and encourage everyone to participate in the festivities. If you have a punch card or Golden Ticket, please invite your friends and family in with you.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing else quite like it in town for kids that I’m aware of; and I particularly liked when they would sponsor the childrens activities during the Summerfest for free.