Sponsor Ignite Bend 3

Ignite Bend 3 is coming up rapidly—it’s on October 14th, just over two weeks away—and they are in serious need of sponsorship help to be able to even have the event. From their blog:

We are looking for sponsors for Ignite Bend 3! Ignite Bend is a free community event organized by a bunch of Bend locals. 100% of sponsor dollars go toward venue, refreshments, and other costs of putting on the event. We need your help to put on this amazing event!

And they Twittered today, "Hi folks! @ignitebend desperately needs sponsors asap for the upcoming event at the Tower Theater #inbend. http://www.ignitebend.com".

Essentially, if they don’t get sponsorships, they can’t have Ignite Bend, at least at the Tower Theatre: the Tower requires a deposit 10 days in advance of an event—otherwise, there’s no event. That means Ignite Bend has to get the sponsorships and raise the money by October 4th in order to make the deposit.

One of the best things about Ignite Bend is that admission is always free—this is because they’re able to get the sponsorships needed to cover all of their costs. Yes, there may be alternatives to the Tower Theatre if it comes down to it (I don’t know)—but the attendance and experience will suffer for it.

Let’s get some local businesses on the sponsorship bandwagon—there’s only five days left!

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  1. THANK YOU for posting this! Hope we can find the funds to stay at the Tower so that we can accommodate all the folks that are hoping to attend. 🙂

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